About Us

Comet Property Services began its operations in 1983. From the inception of our company, our philosophies have been to provide quality building maintenance services through proper training of its personnel, maintaining competitive pricing, using state of the art equipment, using environmental friendly products, inspecting for job quality and providing support to our staff, and most importantly assuring customer satisfaction through direct communication with our clients.

With these disciplines in effect, Comet Property Services has enjoyed long term relationships with its customers and has had growth every year since it began operations.

With a wide range of services offered by Comet Property Services, building owners and property managers have the ease and comfort of dealing with one service provider.

Comet Property Services has a full insurance portfolio including Property Damage, Worker Compensation, Uninsured Auto, and Surety bonds for the peace of mind of our customers.
For all of your building maintenance needs, contact Comet Property Services.